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The Heat in the Boreal Valley - ART TRADE :iconkazindor:Kazindor 16 1
Mature content
A feast with a side of revenge (Art-Trade part 2) :iconkazindor:Kazindor 11 4
Mature content
Getting used to a new body (Art-Trade) :iconkazindor:Kazindor 16 3
Allison by Kazindor Allison :iconkazindor:Kazindor 39 6
Jack Dower
Name: Jack Dower
Race: Human
Birthday: September 16th 1998
Age: 17
Height: 5 feet 5 inches
Gender: Male
Family: Sister, Mother, Father
Hair color and style: Brown, and kind of messy and medium length. Not down to the shoulder but longish nonetheless
Eye color and shape: Blue, and standard circles
Complexion: Tanned and smooth skin
Body Description: he is pretty muscular, although nowhere near as muscular as his girlfriend Katie is!
Personality: An extremely smart boy with an IQ of a certified genius to match with Katie's. He is pretty nice and understanding as well as a class clown of sorts.
Abilities (Special and/or Everyday): Genius level IQ, extremely advanced knowledge of coding and robotics
Likes: his girlfriend's farts, making robots, making bad jokes, coding, MMO's
Dislikes: His sister messing with him, fighting, being singled out not no reason
:iconmikeholden88: it's finally ready!
:iconkazindor:Kazindor 0 0
Lenoire Buxbury by Kazindor Lenoire Buxbury :iconkazindor:Kazindor 1 0
Alexis Kinoul
Name: Alexis Kinoul
Race: G’nomek
Birthday (Optional):  Ferbuary 27
Age: 18
Height: 5’4”
Gender: Female
Family: Her sister Diana and her mom Lonny
Hair color and style: Her brown hair is usually pulled back in a pony tail and she has two strands dangling on either side of her face
Eye color and shape: Her brown eyes are almost cat like.
Body Description: Alexis is a rather muscular in her arms and legs, due to her Mom and sister being very active and always making her work out with them.
Bra Size: E 36
Butt size:  50”
Personality: Alexis is very mischievous and if given the chance, will prank others. Other than that she is very educated in street smarts and knows how to fast-talk her way out of many situations
Background (Optional):
Abilities (Special and/or Everyday): After growing up on only vegetables she has learned how to control when she farts, she often lets loose massive farts in public just so she can get all the space she wants
:iconkazindor:Kazindor 2 2
Bri Portner by Kazindor Bri Portner :iconkazindor:Kazindor 1 1


Mature content
The Party's Downstairs :iconamericanwonton:AmericanWonton 9 2
Mature content
Forest Goddess :iconamericanwonton:AmericanWonton 7 2
Jenni Fufills A Special Request by xxxfilez54
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Jenni Fufills A Special Request :iconxxxfilez54:xxxfilez54 29 38
Cruiser D.Va's Exhaust Leak by xxxfilez54
Mature content
Cruiser D.Va's Exhaust Leak :iconxxxfilez54:xxxfilez54 27 29
Rottytops' Rotten Bottom by xxxfilez54
Mature content
Rottytops' Rotten Bottom :iconxxxfilez54:xxxfilez54 20 3
Sophia's Butt - Fart Version by xxxfilez54
Mature content
Sophia's Butt - Fart Version :iconxxxfilez54:xxxfilez54 23 10
Sophia's Butt by xxxfilez54
Mature content
Sophia's Butt :iconxxxfilez54:xxxfilez54 9 2
Yvonne Rips One by xxxfilez54
Mature content
Yvonne Rips One :iconxxxfilez54:xxxfilez54 26 10
Fan Art: Karin's Daily Squats!  by LewdTempest
Mature content
Fan Art: Karin's Daily Squats! :iconlewdtempest:LewdTempest 23 9
Ever Gassy by WeirdKenn
Mature content
Ever Gassy :iconweirdkenn:WeirdKenn 141 9
Olivia's Rocking Gas by xxxfilez54
Mature content
Olivia's Rocking Gas :iconxxxfilez54:xxxfilez54 18 8
Mature content
BlacJack and BlackCat (RP Story Part 1/2) :icongrayvii:GrayVII 25 5
Cay's Bianca Cosplay by xxxfilez54
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Cay's Bianca Cosplay :iconxxxfilez54:xxxfilez54 19 9
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Still Not Done Yet :iconoratorfreeman:OratorFreeman 56 22
Massive Discord Dump! by science2311
Mature content
Massive Discord Dump! :iconscience2311:science2311 153 59
Movie Night by science2311
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Movie Night :iconscience2311:science2311 149 12


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I rose up from the bonfire, dazed and confused as I began to realize where I have been transported. The crumbling walls of the courtyard of the once magnificent Lothric Castle surrounding me, I understand where I am with confusion though. How did I get here? Why did I get transported here? Most importantly what do I have to do here, i've explored every area... the realization then hits me as I make a mad dash towards the cathedral, barely managing to dodge the multiple hollow knights before me. Their swords barely grazing my armored skin. As I enter, something feels off the get-go but I ignore it. As I approach the woman, i feel a cold shiver run down my spine, something is wrong and I have no idea what. As I speak with her, i can't focus as the room temperature drops. As the woman finishes speaking, she dies and seemingly crumbles to dust, I go to pick up a large artifact, a bowl of sorts, or a basin. It was heavy, although everything finds a place in the bottomless box I had with me.

Immediately after I do, i hear a howling, ghastly sound. A figure, in the shape of a woman in armor appears near the large stained glass window of the church. She creepily drops to the floor, almost like an insect. As she lands on her feet, I look her over quickly, her chest was normal but as she did a graceful twirl her assets... or should i say ass became very apparent. Her voluptuous rear wasn't covered like the rest of her body, in fact it was remarkably uncovered. Then I noticed her armor, seemingly like a mix of cloth and a material similar to silver or steel, a very shiny and hard to pierce material. Her face was masked, and a piece of transparent cloth further obscured it, a light blue cape that's perfectly see through. She then leaned forward, beginning to move in a motion on all fours, like a deranged animal, or a beast. This causing me to panic and run to the right side of the room, which would prove to be a mistake. She lunged at me, barely giving me any time to react as she swung one of her colossal swords at me, knocking me off my feet as i felt myself badly damaged, and in a follow up sweep, she was able to end my pain before I was able to take a swig from my estus.

I awoke at the fire, intrigued and determined to defeat this surreal woman and continue on my journey. I realized that if I wanted to defeat her, I'd have to be agile.. however since i don't have any weapon that will even compare to my great sword, i have no choice but to use it in this battle. As I returned to the chapel, I stepped through the fog and made a running start for her. Hoping to catch her off guard due to the fact that she had her backside turned to me. I swung my sword and made a solid contact with her armored leg, however knowing that if I don't move fast i'll be facing my death I ran for the right side of the room again. However this time I learnt from my mistakes once again, she leaped at me like the previous encounter that I had with her and smashed me down with her mighty weight, on the ground closer to the center of the room.

She then aligned her large, uncovered rear towards the wall and and almost like a stone sliding across ice, a monstrous log of shit began to slide it's way out of her perfect ass, a howling crackling rang out as the log slowly slid out, I viewed the texture. The log looked like dirt that had been experiencing the effects of a drought for too many years,however the size and from what i could tell solid state of the log shocked me. Calling it massive was an understatement, this woman was absurd. Such a giant log of shit eased forth from the dancer’s exquisite rear. This also removed the hope of me being able to fight this mysterious and seemingly gorgeous woman with the full room available.. I attempt the same hiding strategy for the left side, but once again massive logs of solid scat block the entryways of the sides of the room. I realize that there is no hope in hiding, somehow this woman is able to produce enough putrid, sizeable shits to cover up entire portions of massive rooms…

I then realize that I have nothing to lose and rush her, I haul my great sword in an attempt to hurt her but i'm stopped dead in my tracks. I hear and see the stopping power before I feel it, my eyes locked on her ass as I watch it begin to jiggle, the perfect curves rumbling in a quick motion as I stagger back at the stench. A greenish blue cloud of gas spewing forth from her gigantic ass right into my face. The sheer force causes me to stagger- She just farted in my face! I'm confused and begin to feel the effects of the gas, coughing and gagging as the scent of what must be death fills my lungs with each breath as I attempt to support myself against her already horrifically rancid gas. I can only begin to imagine what she has done with her gas, the elegant dancer’s might ass was truly a force to behold. A spectacle for the ages, I shudder, picturing the woman defeating dragons with only her ass.

I begin to choke as I feel my armor begin to lighten for some reason.. I close my eyes for just a moment due to a pounding headache that I began to experience, and when I opened them I was face deep in her musky ass as a forceful behemoth of a fart sent me and my skull rocketing into the hard stone wall. A godly powerful sulfuric scent filling my final breaths. Suddenly I felt the huge hand of the dancer constricting my entire body. I closed my eyes for good. She leaned in close, and in a ghostly, haunting voice, that I will never forget she said one word;


The next thing I knew, I was once again at the bonfire I was transported to. Something felt different though, my pants felt tighter... almost strained really as I began to think about the previous encounter. I don't focus on that though, as i felt the warmth of the bonfire against my skin I thought about what her words to me were. Why did she say that? Was it some sort of taunt or was it to clue me in on what she loves to taunt with? I don't know, and honestly I don't care enough to dwell on it. I begin my third march to the cathedral, and as i step through the foggy wall my nose once again is hit with the reek of her fetid shit. This time it's different though, before I have the chance to think she pounces at me. I barely roll away in time from her grip as she attempts to grab me. She then turns, her gorgeous body making unnatural motions towards me like a mantis stalking it's prey. I look at her, unphased as I brace myself, she begins to spin. Like a graceful ballerina i expect to be hit by her swords, but no impact was made. Instead a miasma surrounded her, the powerful green cloud making it's way towards me. I attempt to hold my breath and charge her, but the fog is too thick and I am unable too see. I exhale, and inhale in an attempt for clean air. What I breath in is in no way clean, my lugs scream as I desperately try to get out before my life fades. I take a swig of my estus to relieve the ungodly pain I am enduring in my chest, but it isn't enough as I have to drink 3 more to nullify the pain. As I reach outside of the cloud I am grabbed by the graceful dancer. my lungs begin to scream again as I take my last estus, relieving me on the pain at the moment. I am brought to her mouth, where she leans in close once again and whispers "inhaaleeeeee..." her voice barely registered before she lifted me away from her face and reached behind her, bringing me face to bare ass. Her intestines groan as I curse the gods, a silent but hot fart fills my lungs quickly thereafter. The stench of her unholy logs lingering in the gas while I struggle against her. I feel my life begin to fade, before the dancer makes a strange action. She pulls her armor off, revealing her bare vagina before grabbing my flasks. As she places my flasks beneath her front.... I hear a distinct *pssssssssssstttttt* sound echo around the room. The stench of piss surrounding me as I inhale the remaining gas from the dancer, then the newly filled and wet flasks were forced into my hand. I was shaking and terrified, having no choice but to drink them. Their sour taste made me want to puke when combined with the current smells. However I drank them and kept them down, my armor continued to become lighter... too light i though as I went to feel if something was happening. That's when I realized that my upper thighs and crotch had no protection as it seems that her unholy gas corroded them away. As for the tightness earlier, it all became explained as my hands felt my throbbing erection. I don't know why.. but I was incredibly turnt on by this absolutely disgusting woman... no she is heavenly in her body but she just has some gross tendencies. I don't think about it too long as I choose to 'relieve some pressure'. I begin to stroke my cock best I can as I stop struggling. My captor seemed pleased at this though, loosening her grip and setting me down only interacting with me to make me inhale and taste her pungent and powerful farts that would begin to slowly kill me from the inside out. These were the most powerful as her gas only seemed to worsen, instead of the faintly shit smelling farts that she began with, they progressively retained more of a scat smell. I began to panic, she didn't seem to notice though as she continued to refill my estus with her foul urine. I couldn't stop sniffing though. However, this couldn't last forever as was evidenced by what happened soon after a powerful and wet fart. That fart was the one that sent me over the edge, I finished masturbating with a greedy inhale and a swig of her piss, covering the a small section of floor below her with my cum. She grunted and groaned, a similarly dry log began to crown it's way out of her ass. It slid out fast, not giving me time to react as I was slowly crushed by the log, and the subsequent two. I felt my chest hurt powerfully before waking up with a start at the bonfire.

My mind was clouded, filled with fantasies about her as I shiver slightly in the cold breeze. I stand up, and almost as if in trance I return to her. Instead of disgust for her, I feel lust and desire and she seems to have sensed it. This time, instead of pouncing or surrounding me in her toxic gas, she begins to dance elegantly and seductively. She stands tall, for the first time I see her towering stature upright as she begins to perform a belly dance routine. Her hips swaying in a smooth and sexy motion as she does a slow turn around so that her ass is facing me. Breaking her stoic silence, I hear a small grunt. *PrrrrrAAAAAAAAPPPPPPTTTTTTTTTTT* her ass sings, it's noxious haze surrounding her lower legs as her elegant and soft movements practically fan the gas away. She doesn't stop though, she continues her routine of shaking her ass dutifully, her perfect butt jiggling vibrantly as she shakes her hips. She also begins to shake her ass vertically as she moves backwards, another hot fart ejecting itself from her ass with a  *PPPRRRRRRRRRRMMMMMMMMFFFFFFFFFFFBBBBBB*. As she shook her ass closer to me, I walked forward. She squatted but didn't stop the shaking as she waited for me to place my face in her ass, I wouldn't risk the pain of denying her the demand, and I was greeted with the heat and reek of rotten eggs. However she didn't intend to use me for long, because soon after I placed my face where she expected me to I was floored by a powerful log of shit. The wet log slammed into my face, knocking me flat on my back before she continued to bury me in her toxic waste. I feel the familiar drifting away of death before I awaken once again.

When I awake at the bonfire, I have been changed. No longer do I think of stopping the fire from going out, instead she begins to take over every thought that I have. As I march to her room, I realized that I would give in and that I couldn't help myself this time and forced my way through the misty veil, seeing the dancer. Instead of fear or shame.. I looked at her with wonder and love. I march my way up to her, my armor tattered and broken as I stare at her. I dutifully move behind her, my knees bucking as if she willed them to, my face perfectly level with her glorious rear as I place it in between her cheeks. I empty my estus before I place my mouth over her asshole and begin to worship it. I am immediately erect, but that's not what i'm focused on. I need to serve this heavenly woman with all of my desire, because if I don't she will surly replace me.
The Heat in the Boreal Valley - ART TRADE
Requested by :iconskunkleton-bunkleton:

Honestly this is WAY overdue (like half a year late) but honestly i'm happy I got around to it
Does anyone wanna talk about something, like characters plots or maybe even rp?
3 deviations
Does anyone wanna talk about something, like characters plots or maybe even rp?


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